Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mbok Jamu

Mbok Jamu!
Mbok : called for old a woman
Jamu : Tonic Made of medical herbs

That 'mbok' have name, Marti, Mbok Marti.
She is from Solo city, Central Java.
She have sold 'Jamu' since 1986! Yay, i must be still in heaven queue to fly to earth!! Lol
She sell Jamu, go around from house to house by her strong tiny feet and lifts those bottles of Jamu!
How strong she is, i am curious if i did what she does, might be my back bones gonna felt like s***.

I usually order 'beras kencur'
'kunir asem'
Still have many things jamu, from bitter like 'bratawali' till sweet like beras kencur.

Jamu Can make human's stamina better, can release tiredness, good menstruation for women, etc.

:) thank you, mbok jamu!

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