Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aki Jasman

An old man, i call him Aki (Sundanese language for Grandpa). His name is Jasman, he sells 'Kue Harum Manis', the translation become Sweet Smell Good Cake!! Sound funny in English!

He started his business become 'Kue Harum Manis'  in the last 3 years. He was a Laborer before Becoming seller. Now he is 76 yo. He is native from Bandung.

Now, let's talk about what is Kue Harum Manis?
It's like snow, when you put it in your mouth, it will disappear and left only sweet!
The raw ingredient is from 'Beras Ketan' - Sticky Rice. Aki Jasman always make it in the afternoon and will be ready served in it's cans in next afternoon.

I like it, sweet and gone! And you will want more, More, more!
You know what, you can buy 'up to you' give him money, he will serve you, you can buy just only 2000 IDR! (For comparasion, 1 USD = 10000 IDR).
You can find him, @Taman Tanah Abang III, every day except Wed, Sat and Sun at 11-15.00.

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