Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Cakes

That Sunday, i prepared to go to 'Pasar Subuh' - Very Morning Market.
My mission was to find 'Sweet Cakes' !!

yeah, i found them!!
Tiny mini sweetie Cakes :D

Well, when you feel any bitter stuff around, you need sweetness to make your life balance :)

I still can feel the sweetness, i am curious, the cakes must be made by love!!

Happy Cakes!

Here some shots i have captured :

Colorful Bolu Kukus
Rush Pasar Subuh
Transactions between Vendor and Buyers
Bubur Ayam ~ Chicken Porridge in a Cart
I found many variant of Cutie Rabbits!
A Calm Plants Vendor :)


  1. apa ini...?
    kenapa blog yang gw baca nampilin makanan yang ga ada di deket gw...
    tadi abis baca ttg bakso..
    baca blog ini jadi pengen kue cubitnya...

    eh... lupa.. salam kenal..

  2. Buakakka... lucu banget sih..
    That's life, you want things that you can't get right now, I want to be there, the place in far away where you are!

    Salam kenal jua kak Dodo or Dodo aja?