Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Place to Take Deep Breath

 Journey in this Earth, isn't as simple as we want it, is it?
I keep busy in mind's labyrinth and much external factors. 
Those things make me fight with my self.
I always avoid fighting, debate, that make me lost energy, but i lost my energy most on doing thinking, thinking and thinking.
Sometimes i need to scream very loud!
Sometimes i need silence with deep breath. 
This place where i hide from universe of my own mind. I need deep breath.

Well, this posting show like i am insane huh?!
Yeah i am,
And i wanna show this very comfy place where i want to come in every time i want.

Cathedral church in Jakarta.

Tough and beautiful old building


Windows around altar

Artistic place

I like the aura of candles, calm.

I could spend my times here, in silence and take deep breath.

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