Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventure @Trick Art Museum

Comments Wall!! I put my comment left above :)

Heyaaa ~~~~~
Adventure to showroom 3D paintings, all the paintings are from Korea.
Thanks, sweetie Yessica for inviting us (my twin sis & i) to see cool paintings around!

The paintings are from Picasso, Millet, Vasco De Gamma, etc.
All have good angles to be captured with models around :)

Take a look, our creations with those paintings!

Those less pics we've captured !! Lol
The ticket is around 70000-80000 IDR, but we bought at discount site, and we just pad 36000/person. :) thanks Yessi!

Good place to be crazy with 3D paintings! 


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    1. Awww sweety Sintaaaaa ~~~~
      Miss you much too!!
      Stay keep in touch ya say..,.

      Anyway, you can still share anything to me yaaa :)