Monday, July 1, 2013

Explore Minggu Ria

Yeah, the title just like i am a 'Debby the explorer'!!
Minggu Ria at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Minggu : Sunday
Ria : Cheers, happy
Minggu Ria is Cheerful Sunday. 
People gathering in Minggu Ceria~~

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an area that show about Indonesia islands within cultures, tribes, traditions, characteristics of each provinces like houses, clothes, wedding ceremonies, etc.

I went there with my lovely warm heart friend, Sinta. See, she has beautiful name like Goddess in India, doesn't she? Haha..
So just check it out my photos that i Have taken to explore colorful of Minggu Ceria.

Papua house
Me and Sinta, i cant rotate  it :(
Colorful Snails (Indonesians are very creative!!)
Aww, i saw 'Winnie the pooh' character there, also Batman symbol!
Exhibition of Sandals! Lol, i meant, Sandals to sell
Magic Brush to make your pans look like new ones!
Candies Seller in 'Ceria' mood
Not cheap Glasess
Ceria children in 'Odong-odong', cart for baby, children with musics and the seller have to move the cart to make it alive
Barbie stuffs!
Soto Minggu Ria
Colorful swans
in front of West Sumatra House! Beautiful to be a real!
Well explored. Even hot, lot of people came there On Sunday, but love to see colorful things, many faces of them and the aura!
Welcome to the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah guys.


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