Friday, July 12, 2013

Hungry Like Crazy!

Ramadan month, when Muslim people do fasting, be quite, keep mind healthy from dirtiness, how about me?
I am hungrier even more for some reason!
This Ramadan month, i want to eat anything!
When people around me become calm, I am Omnivore!
I am afraid about my weight! -___-

Here some foods i have eaten in this weeks!

Mie Rebus Mas Ferdi - Hot Noodles by nice Office Boy named Ferdi. Damn Yummy

Nasi Tim by Aunty's Cook. Very delicious!
Bubur Kacang Ijo - Healthy Porridge in the morning
Sweet Tart
Pecel Ayam - Chicken, Tofu, Rice, Veggies and Sambal are perfect combinations!
Siomay from Boss
Omelette by Chef dbee curly ^^
Martabak Manis - Sweet Martabak

Sego Kucing - Cat Rice! I love it!
Yoshinoya cuisine! 

Snacks for this afternoon, i ate more and more than in the pic .

Fruit Ice, very fresh and sweety like me . Haha..

I still have Nasi Megono, Rice Javanese cuisine on the table. Hehe..
Hungry like Crazy!!
Anyone want some?

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