Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jogging @ Taman Cattleya

Taman : Park
Taman Cataleya : Cattleya Park in West Jakarta near Taman Anggrek (Orchid) mall.

I didn't go to clubbing last night, being wise and just be sleeping beauty in my place. My head was gonna blow up, better closed my eyes and decided to jogging, again being wise. I woke up at 4.30 a.m, prepared face, clothes, shoes and mentality!

I run in about 7 circles, started running while darkness covered the Taman Cattleya till the park become colorful because brightness replace the dark side.


Brightside is coming

I found out i became more productive in very morning!
Take a look what i've got in Taman Cattleya,
Colorful and beautiful flowers around!
So honour could shoot them from my Xperia mobile phone!

Very cutieeee cattie!! It can be animal star, look its expression! Gosh! Im melting >,<
Look at the cristal clear sky, make me feeling BETTER! TG.


  1. ah deket taman anggrek ada taman sebagus ini? so very nice ;)

    1. Yippie!!
      Let's jogging together turiscantik #wink