Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wind in Central Java

Gone with the wind to Central Java, by train, bus, car passed city by city.
Tegal, Pekalongan, Semarang, Salatiga, Klaten and Yogyakarta. Played with wind, disappear my worries, feel comfort. I can smile, laugh, make lot of mimics on my face freely.

I took many pictures from my journey with wind, but i just realized almost all my pics didn't save!! Because of full of space in my phone' s memory!! -___-''
Thanks God, i could rescue some, before too late. 
Monggoooo :) take a look
*Mongo : please
Nasi Goreng on the train (restoration cart)

Happy Idul Fitri

Candi Sewu & Me
Candi: temple, sewu (Javanese language) : thousand,  so it is thousand of temples (hyperbola)
 I think i counted them, not as much as thousand :p

Challenging gate! Very morning my cousins and me passed it to meet up with temples for free! Haha
(Don't try it at home kids!)

Helmet for safety in Candi Prambanan

The beautiful of Candi Prambanan

Around Candi Sewu!!! 

Statue like artistic doggie

The center of Candi Sewu

A view from Candi Sewu
Shoots of smiling sisters, Fingers around Prambanan, Relief in temple, Greeny to the candi Ijo 

Then my fam and i went to Candi Ijo, ijo: green, green temple, it is not about the temple's color is green but temples have been built in Gunung Ijo, Ijo Mountain. 
This temple, not so touristic, calm, quite but again beautiful to be a Real!
Candi Ijo

Calm view from Candi Ijo


Admiring it!

Artistic Vas

People around Candi Ijo work as stone breaker to that stone hill
People around Candi Ijo

Motor cycle that large almost like car!! Lol

Last but not least, we met up with silly funny cool photographer man, Jeffe!
Thanks for a waiter that took pic of us while he got shivering! Haha.. the pic got blur!

Where will you invite me to go with you next?


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    1. @Sintaaaaa :*
      Kamu ga diajak, tapi diundang ke central Java!
      Belum pernah liat candi emangnya? Apa aja yang belum diliat? Just tell me, ok :)
      See you soon.