Monday, April 25, 2016

Escape to the city!

Lovely Argentina girl
Unlucky hitch hike after working
Wallah! Escaping to Darwin :*
Hunting Chinese food (RICE)
I missed you KFC Nuggets! I got free drinks and chips free after did online survey. Yeay! Lucky
Mammamia after ice cream cone 50 cents then i have you Mc Donnals :)
Bicential park Darwin..
Jamerson Whiskey and Cola for closing the day ;)
Memory of someone in this bar. I miss you.

Hello there.. in my last update. I have told that i lived in somewhere nowhere, Jabiru... so, because 25th April is ANZAC day then its A DAY OFF for me and my lovely Argentina girl collague, and whats the meaning of day of? Escape from this village is our mission. Haha..

What is ANZAC day?
Google said : Anzac Day, 25 April, is one of Australia's most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

Ok start back again, we did hitchhiked after work it was like 4.30 p.m waiting any lift to take us to Darwin (our big city destination), but unfortunately we were not lucky enough.
The luckyness come next morning where i got message from beautiful lady who would give us a ride for FREE after i posting in Jabiru notice board facebook group.

Then wallah! We are escaping to Big city!

What Working holiday visa girls doing in big city?
1. Surely, shopping!! Haha..
2. Staying in backpackers dorm, which the price is only $25 with bfast with 8 beds in 1 room. Hoho.. and mix with other 2 girls and 4 guys (sorry my darling bf, dont get jealous pls :P )
3. Hunting junk foods!
4. Liquour for stocks in the village, for this case we are unlucky all the shops for liquour are closed on Sunday! Arrghh
5. And the bonus: Got some teasing from guys.. ya ya.. normal day, man will always be man.

So.. tomorrow not a free ride anymore. We must pay for a bus AAT King $89 each. :)

No regret for today. Enjoy till the max :)

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