Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey Ho to Bogor

The election day, it is always a sign for a day off!
What would you do, if you have flame blood like my sis Cha? -Gone with the train- that's the answer!
Sign of we did election
Commuter Line

Without big plan, we just went to somewhere, runaway from Jakarta... Whuuzzzz by commuter line.
Arrived to Botanical Garden Bogor.
Walked for kms just felt the breeze and sight seeing of many greeny trees, met deers, visited zoology museum, culinary, admire great Botanical garden.. 
Walkin' and Walkin'

Hmm.. It was such a beautiful day even big rain faced us.. We didn't care!
It was about the journey, so damn tired but I couldn't see Cha's tiredness at all!
So, we enjoyed the moment 'Hey Ho to Bogor!'


Botanical Garden

Butterflies collection

Dokar - Horse Cart

@Zoology Museum

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