Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Step to Hongkong!

Another step to another place i've not known well, not in my mind to go there at all. Beautiful invitation from beautiful God's creature took me to this country. 
 It was not about the destination, it's about the journey. Even we walked much the tiredness we felt was good, we accepted all emotion with smiles!
 Few expression photos, 
Hey Shoes, you are in Hongkong International airport!

Church not so far from Jordan area

Beautiful ship like Pirate ship, isnt it?

Love all about Sky, Stars, Rain and Plane... @Malaysia Airport

Impposible Lift, it shown capacity for 9 persons!! could you imagine it was so small!!
See, the Lift just enough for 4 persons! I bet Hongkong ppl are so slim like paper! lol

@Avenue Street, hmm.. i am capable as elegant statue i think

Yoshinoya in Hk!!! the menu.. hmm Mamamia, very different with i tasted in Jakarta.. Jakarta only has chewy chicken/beef menu in that Resto 

I am wondering, how could that BIG Tree grow in 3rd floor of the heritage building, who bring it? King Kong or what?

@Temple Market, many tourists and many nice things for sale

Dim Sum menu @nite while watching tourists bought some souvenirs from temple market.. with beers that nights were Perfecto Diablo!

Culinary HOT SPICY Fish Ball... mmmm.. it taste good!! The next day i tried again, hihi.. 

Wishing pool for us @Macau :)

Sign of Touristy Places @Macau

Hotel plus Las Vegas @Macau

Hello, anyone notice there is Mickey Mouse sign there? for me it is unique! Mickey Mouse compare to Plane sign!! Habibi said because Disney the land is main icon in Hk, well accepted.

anywhere using MRT, amazing, fast, clean and indeed it is mass transportation. I do believe in their mind no such of thinking like 'stuck in the road coz of bad traffic!! '

Once upon a day in nice garden

Mr. Money Changer

Panorama @Avenue Street

Pose @Giant Cubic

HEY YOU, need my signature? :D

Hk view from the Peak

Taxi Queue after the Peak!!  Pheewww.. Great!
Extra Small Apartment for Living!

Busy as Waitress @Yoshinoya Hk.

'Temple market' road

Hungry like Crazy!!

Unique handwriting :P for noodles that i ordered (see above)

Hide and Peek a cute Baby.

Treasure in Asian's Las Vegas! MACAU

Am I dreaming? Wake me up please...

Swing around in Macau land

Halo Holy Mother 

Nice place, hundred kids, far away place (from Hotel), change MTR 4 times, did ticketing Queue, but just posed in front of the gate :D

Not Nice Ice Cream seller (He didn't look at the customer! ) Haha :D

Beautiful Stone and beautiful price too.
What i like in there, the cleanness so the places look so nice to be in there, In Indonesia i always see civil employee who clean the road with broom, but there they use water! The citizen do everything very fast like the time is so limited. Very organized for mass transportation and pedestrian space, it is like the earth for any vehicles but the bridges that pierce to malls is for human... Nice!
Thanks universe for journey over journey that happened to me. 
Thank you Tono for: uncountable moments, we had very nice (read: silly) conversations which could make someone suicide if they heard ours, haha..
Also makasih ya for safe and comfortable feeling that i feel when wind blow me to HONGKONG!!

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