Friday, June 27, 2014

Never Satisfied

Yes, as a human being always have 'Never Satisfied' feeling.
When I was in a co. worked from 8-17, I look at the window oftenly, hope the time goes fast like cars which drove full speed in that road. All I wanted was finished the jobs and back to my couch soon.

The next days,
the same wish while looked at the same window, feels like prisoner there waiting for the unknown freedom.

I am here, feeding ants in pavements.
Looking at cloudy sky, smiling at the naughty cat that jump to the roof of a car just for sleeping, hearing birds chit chat and sitting peacefully accompanied by wind.
Those moments are my wishes when I was in ex company's window!!

I am feeling unsatisfied tho.
I want more than this,
Greedy feeling..

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