Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chilli oh Chilli!

Look at the price! In Indonesia you would get 1 kg less than 1$! Wot..
Very simple Sambal (Chillies spices)
Indonesian food! Rice and Sambal! But the chicken is Australian. Haha.. A breast steak.

Hello again!
As Indonesian, i am so proud that i am chilli lover! The most spiciest chilli will be great accompanion when you have dishes ;)
So, today i can't help it anymore and dying about taste of Chillies on my body! The blood on me yelling chillies to be their vitamis .. haha..

Then wallah!
I made too simple chilli i could.. only with little garlic, salt, pepper, tomato and paprika (capsicum)

What i got?
The sensation of too spicy in my mouth till runny nose! Haha.. in Indonesia i could get deliciously cry and be ready to get bad tummy pain coming :(

Happy weekend!

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