Sunday, April 3, 2016

Corned Beef Fried Rice

Nice sauce!
Those big doggies came to home, coz they know which house has good food. Haha

As i mentioned before that i become accidentally expert in cooking because no other choice, to stay alive in this village, you must to cook!
Wallah.. dinner time: Corned beef Fried Rice

Rice (cook 1 glass of it in the pan)
1 berry tomato
1 tsp Minced garlic
5 spoon of corned beef
Sliced of capsicum / paprika
Sliced cabbage / lettuce
Little oil
Other spices
Holbrooks sauce

Fried miced garlic, paprika and tomato
Then put the rice and the others together and the last is cabbage!

Haha.. simple and that yummy food is in my tummy now. :p
Story about Holbrooks sauce, i dont know exactly what is that but the taste always make my food good, mix of the flavour of little sour and good smell.

Happy cooking!

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