Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hunt Sunset to Ubirr

Hunt the sunset? You must be on top of the rocks! Life is hard man :)
Gorgeous panorama of Ubirr!

North territory of Australia full of Rocks!

We passed 1 of the river, as i mentiones on wet season, you cant cross!

The art of aborigin person and it has 2000 years old

1 law of Aboriginal not to eat Barramundi fish! I wonder Why?

The team! Thanks guys to invite me

Haha.. thanks Homi to capture me.. you know very rare i do selfie but this place too amazing to be forgot

I want smoking pose but i got blowing fire ballon pose.. never mind ;)

Hey Sun! You could take rest a bit. See ya tomorrow :*

Hey, do you know that in this small village Jabiru, seems i dont have a life except earning money? Indeed! But, again i was too lucky to meet 2 lovely Taiwanese girls which get trap in this small planet :D
So, the story was they had more friends than me and their friends luckily have a 4WD car and invited me to do escapade for a moment to hunt SUNSET!

Wallah, 50km from Jabiru we arrived in Ubirr!!!
Aboriginal Art Site, Aboriginal is local people who have been living nomandic in Australia for thousand years. In this site, they had art drawing on the rocks, tells about what they eat, law and spirits.

It is amazing!!!! I found many rocks and when you are in top of the rock which is the best spot to see sunset.. hmmm... lovely panorama with friendly wind come accross welcoming you. Aww.. i got peaceful moment over there!

Another luckiness, this month on progress of Dry season (because of global warming), so you could go to Ubirr, if its still in wet season.. all the way full of water and not a road at all, but RIVER!

See ya again Sun :*

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