Sunday, April 3, 2016


Sleeping beneath the sky as the earth is my comfy bed!

This tree really best accompanion to get miracle shadow hiding from the heat of the sun

Goodbye shoe, you are always beside me from Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, now time for you to rest

Tomato Sardine!

Tuna Fried Bismati Rice (yum)

Bakwan! Indonesian veggie snack, carrot, corn and cabbage

Rice in Australia is such a treasure! 1 kg is 7$ (remember i live in small village!)

Indomie seleraku! You cant say NO to this tempting noodles!

Lovely Kakadu bakery :)

Wild Life at Jabiru, North Territory Australia! Those photos were on my lunch time, i will spend time sleeping on the earth and facing sun and beautiful blue sky up over there! In this village, i become accidentally chef and improve my cooking skill! Haha.. no matter what, you must cook to keep you safe from hunger as your break time only 30 min which no food stall you could find :)
I am enjoying working in Kakadu bakery, friendly staffs and guests, also i know now how to make burgers!
Far away from home, makes me feeling the memories of togetherness is really delicious moment that i could reach in mind.

April 2016

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