Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Become Alice In Wonderland Alice Springs?

O.. My Gosh! I am becoming Alice in Wonderland ALICE SPRINGS!! I am too happy! The feeling that i step on this land just Woooow.. i like you Alice Springs! Small city in the middle desert of Australia and surronded with hills ! Aww..

Walk path in CBD of Alice Springs. What you think? Peace? YES!

The very first hospital

As a rice lover, i could not say no for Chinese food!

ANZAC Hill, im gonna conquer you! Hill for memorial of soldiers of Australian and New Zealand

View from ANZAC Hill. Again, what you think? Glorious isn't it?

Whole Australia parts i have been for public loo will be free of charge, i am wondering why Alice Springs, 50 cents surcharge? Hmm.. 

Because Alice Springs area is remote, so there was first time the idea of ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE came up here.

"Grog" is slang Oz for Alcohol! 

What i love from Oz is.. they provide this Holy water! It means really something for backpacker like me, free water in nowhere is blessing moment! Thank you Australia.

Errr... maybe he is a guard of Pink Botanical garden?! Cool eh?

Second Hill that i climbed in one day with the view from my $4 shoes! (Hill @Pink Botanic garden)

Wallah! This is it... 

My 1 day tour with perfecto accompanion from Chicken tomato toasted sandwich and hot latte in the center of cool city.

Wonderland Alice Springs.. Thank you universe.

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