Friday, August 26, 2016

My Food

Why do i look still cute,cheerful, happy and young?? Of course because of my food! Look what i have made :P

Brekkie time, Ham Cheese Egg and cucumber sandwich

Rice and the soup is tomato sardines and mushroom.. hmm.. yumm..

Omelette diced chicken for my hungry tummy

Nevermind (i put it here, because it is good pic, hehe)

Balinese chicken from my lovely manager! Yumm.. 

It is deliciousoo pasta!!! Again from lovely manager :)

Chinese noodles time for my lunch, again and again from lovely manager!

I know i am very lucky till i taste best dessert from my manager again!

What you think, after eating all the good foods then all you need is only drinking,

Thank you for your time reading this unimportant posting :)
Good night from West Australia :*

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