Friday, August 26, 2016

Journey To Nowhere

How do you read it? 
No Where
Now here

I am going to stay in a place which is the most remote place in Australia, this place somewhere in West Australia. 
To get in this place, i need cool plane for only 7 passengers (it was only 4 passengers including me), just like this: 

I felt so cooool girl, but the last moment when it had bumping moment.. oh nooo... not cool anymore (Puked moment when i reach the land.. pheew..)

What do you think, about the view i got? Hmm.. i need champange! Ha ha..

The desert of West Australia Baby! (Still green everywhere, because it has rain season)

Because you are in nowhere area now, you will find something unique (just like that car) in the middle of long road!

I would stay as long as i can with this peaceful view from my window :)

Sunset view from the same window :)

Rainbow view from the same window! Niceee..

Driving half car (haha no roof) in 5 degree temperature! Bbrrr... cold but fun!

You know what i meant? ;)

Visited lonely cave by lonely girl... No other tourists only me and the cave :(


Thank you shoes! You really make me warm than my own boyfriend?!!

Hmm.. nature is beauty

Because i am in the rock sites, so i am gonna eat rocks too with chicken flavour :P

And, wallah.. i am Now here in Nowhere, enjoying joyfull life, limited internet, limited calling beloved ones but unlimited adventures, i hope!!

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