Monday, August 15, 2016

Sleeping In Alice Springs, Why Not?!!

August, 15th 2016

Woke up 5 a.m to go to cool place, Alice Springs, North Territory Australia! Since i was in Indonesia, my brain keep whispering about Alice Springs and i dont know how, but i am exactly here now! Let's see what will happen next chapter of adventure here.

Flying high touch the cloud

I am surprised, it is beautiful city! Rocks everywhere and the weather for sure coooolllll for tropical person like me ;)

On the way from airport to CBD with Airport bus shuttle Alice Wanderer $16 (paid $13 got 20% discount if you want to use return ticket)

The best thing, i stay in lovely hostel for backpacker! Quite, peace, very clean and FREE WIFI!!

I am here! Wooohooo

How tempting the cold pool. Haha.. no way to touch the water.. i dont wanna be frozen character

Creative chess!

I love this weather Stone! When the stone Dry : Sunny, Wet : Rainy, White : Snowy, Invisible : Foggy, Moving : Windy, Shaking : Earth Quake!

Cute statue!

They provide lot of games! You would never feel bored :)

Clean kitchen :) Perfecto.. you wanna stay longer..

What an exclusive Loo :)

This pic in toilet, will make your day! What you think, which way you would use your Toilet brush?? :P

Wallah! My Sleeping beauty bed! What else i need? Mmm.. i guess a handsome Prince with mustache and reading glasses would be perfect tho :*

Here we go, i am ready for another new things to explore and share! Thank you Universe!

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