Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hey again Darwin

5 days in Darwin i spent approx 750$ !! Whaatt >.<
Waiting peaceful sunset @Fannie Bay
Yumm! Spicy Chx from Indonesian resto in Central Darwin Hotel. The owner is Mr Rizal wx employee @Indonesian Consulat
Parap Market :) every Saturday morning
Dumplings with noodles
My gardening view from NT Library on mission get wifi! But it was limited 4 hours wifi.. its ok :)
Went to Luxurious NT Library just with short pants and thong??! Haha.. but they keep allow any human to enjoy their services.. really appreciate!
When you are inside the parlement which NT library there
GAOL??? i dont know whatvis that, as i know Indonesian called Gaol or Gaul as expression of "cool man!"
Hayley! A beutiful person that i met in my trip in Ujung Kulon, Indonesia and let me stay for 5 days in her comfy house free.. blessed!
Are you sure its Darwin?? August is best time to come.. perfect weather and people are everywhere! Haha. Unbelievable
Indonesian's snack with Oz rate price :)
3$ Martabak! Yummy
Again Hayley and me enjoying INDONESIAN Food! Oh Yumm.. @Plaza Darwin (Sari Rasa resto)
Guess how much is it? $4. Yeah! Thx to Hayley who recommended me to this place!
Another $4 with exactly my size. Perfecto adorablo
Spent bunch of bucket there only $53s... way too cheap!
Comfy bed from beloved couple (Thank you Hayley and Thai)
When i was in fitting room.. tried many and i got the best one, paid for it and its cost 30$! I arrived to room and whaaat??? Made in Indonesia?? Haha.. No regret it is good bra tho :P

Alright, stay 5 days in Darwin and enjoying life a bit then continue to live in far far away with Camel will be.
Story in Australia will still continue, meeting new peoples, new things come up and won't lose connecting with beloved ones in distances too.
Some photos above tell the stories by it self.

Hey Darwin :)

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