Wednesday, November 30, 2011

got you WiFi

            Well well today i had to make quotation for customer in Semarang, but i was in meeting with partner from HP too in a mall.
Ate Sushi in Takigawa, discuss about opportunities and all after all, in Takigawa no WiFi, I didn't take my modem in my bag too, Great! finally have to look for other restaurant to get WiFi and sent that quotation directly.
            Voila, got " Kopi Luwak", i asked the waitress about WiFi then she said " yes, we have WiFi " (with key security= kebunkopi). But yah you know, if we already sit down there of course we should order at least one in menu, i looked the cheapest one that's Espresso coffee with small cup and so bitter coffee which was 24.200 include tax.
         Wow very interesting moment, got you WiFi!
Quotation, Internet, Coffee, Bitter, Sweet, Small, Money, Trying = good combination of this day :)
Oh Espresso, you are so delicious :) but too small

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